Free ZIP Code Lookup

Quick lookup of ZIP Codes


Every month, millions of people need to find a ZIP Code and use the web to find it. Prior to the Internet, you had to get huge directories from the USPS, so it's great to have a quick reference tool.

Here's a quick web-based ZIP Code lookup that you can bookmark. It will display it on a map, along with other helpful info.

ZIP Code Lookup / Radius Search has a nice ZIP Code Lookup tool here. There is also a ZIP Code Radius Search Tool where you can find all of the ZIP Codes within a given radius.

ZIP Codes for an Address, etc.

You may need to find the ZIP Code for an address, or find all of the cities for a ZIP Code. You can click here to go to the U.S. Postal Service's web site.

Please note that the when viewing the cities for a ZIP Code, the USPS has what they call the preferred city. This often is not even a city where the ZIP Code crosses. For instance, 33331 shows 'Fort Lauderdale' as the primary city, but that ZIP is outside the city limits of Fort Lauderdale. We sell ZIP Code Database products at and once had a client call us and say, 'I live 26 miles outside of Cleveland, but your data says that I'm in Cleveland!'

We explained that our basic product shows just the USPS primary cities, but we have another product that lists multiple cities per ZIP Code and has the real primary, secondary, etc. cities. Also in this database, we standardize the spellings, eliminate duplicates and have only valid locations. This is much cleaner than standard USPS data.